Our vision

A transformed world for women and girls.

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the problem

The injustice experienced by women and girls.

We live in a world where opportunity is defined by gender.  Not having equal opportunity means women and girls will always have to work harder and sacrifice more, for a more uncertain future. 

We live in a world where gender determines who has the power to solve their own problems and meet their own needs.  Not having equal opportunity means women and girls receive less support, have less capacity, and are less able to make decisions for themselves and their families. 

We live in a world where tragically 295,000 women die every year from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth and close to 2.5 million babies die within their first month of life.

A world in which families and communities thrive relies on equal opportunity for women and girls.  The greater the contribution of women and girls in designing—and driving—their own solutions, the sooner we will all share the benefit of a transformed world.

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Our Solution

Building on the foundation of our Clean Birth Kit, we address gender inequality and injustice by creating opportunities in health, education and livelihoods for women and girls.

We do this by raising awareness about the barriers and issues they face; helping them with essential care and services and building their capacity through education and training.

Our ultimate goal is enabled systems in which women can become truly empowered.

Our Difference

KNOWLEDGE: Understanding the people for whom we exist is our foundational work.  We seek to learn, listen to and facilitate the full participation and leadership of women and girls. 

INNOVATION: We are always exploring new ways to learn and improve. We challenge the models with—and within which—we work, and inspire innovation and entrepreneurship in our global initiatives. 

TRANSFORMATION: We strive to create meaningful change in the lives of women and girls, from awareness through to empowerment.  At every level, this change leads us towards a transformed world.

Our Impact
Measured in the last 12 months

The KIT Innovation Challenge

Our Global Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for like-minded organisations to boost their initiatives. If your organisation is driven by the desire to create meaningful change in the lives of women and girls, and you have a solution that impacts health, education or livelihoods, then we would love to hear from you!

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100 birthing kits, packed by the Adelaide Hills Zonta Club, are distributed in Papua New Guinea.


120,000 birthing kits are assembled through Zonta Clubs and distributed overseas.


The Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) is established as a for purpose charity.


The organisation becomes a signatory of the Australian Council for International Development.


An important milestone is celebrated - the creation of 1 million birthing kits.


New health and education programs commence in the remote communities of Eastern Uganda and Ethiopia.


2 million birthing kits are distributed globally in partnership with over 100,000 Australian volunteers.


Birthing Kit Foundation Australia commences trading as KIT International and an exciting new era of impact for women and girls begins.

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Together, let's build a better world for women and girls

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